November 2013

Presses best for ceramic transfers

Providing a firm endorsement for Sakurai screen presses in the ceramics industry are Stoke-on-Trent – based Ceramitec, who have just taken delivery of their fourth machine.

Located at the heart of the UK ceramics industry, the family-run business, centres around the fully automated screen cylinder presses, but also incorporates its own in-house design studio, colour matching and mixing department, plus guillotining and packing facilities.

Ceramitec have two  MS80s and two SCA72AIIs.  Both are linked to cold air wicket dryers, used for ceramic decal printing. Up to 20 colours are printed per job, including on occasions precious metals including gold and platinum.

The company produces a comprehensive range of ceramic transfers suitable for on-glaze, in-glaze and under-glaze decoration.

Commented Dan Hart of Ceramitec: “I decided to invest in Sakurai presses for one reason – they are by far and away the best machine for the job.  I have a very good relationship with both the sales and engineering side of Sakurai, and Carl, the engineer, is always willing to help me if we hit any problems with the presses.”

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