August 2013

A key part of the Sakurai service

Sakurai Stores Manager, Kevin Kelly, is a man on a mission – and that’s great news for our thousands of customers across Europe.

In the relatively short time since Kevin took charge of Sakurai’s Tamian Way stores he has completed a huge revamp, aimed at improving an already well-rated parts service. And, judging from the feedback we have received in the past few weeks, Kevin and his team are well on their way to ‘mission accomplished.'

Kevin had an extensive stores background before joining Sakurai, achieving many accreditations, including the highly regarded Six Sigma quality system that strives for near perfection.

Part of the Six Sigma system is the 5S Programme which was developed in Japan and stands for…

Sort - the first step in making things cleaned up and organised
Set in Order - organise, identify and arrange everything in a work area
Shine - regular cleaning and maintenance
Standardise - make it easy to maintain - simplify and standardize
Sustain -maintaining what has been accomplished

Comments Kevin: “The 5S Programme is very important to us at Sakurai and something we work to every day of the week. Our customers are seeing the results of this through fast turnaround of orders and maintaining a stock of parts worth more than £1m here in London.”

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